Promoting China made 2025 strategic cooperation agreement
                  Release time:2017/04/25
                  Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology, Chinese CITIC Group Co. Ltd. signed a "strategic cooperation agreement to promote Chinese manufacturing 2025" in Beijing, will focus on "Chinese manufacturing 2025" key content and CITIC Group's core business areas, actively promote the innovation in the mode of combination of industry and finance, financial services, advanced manufacturing industry innovation and development capacity, advantages of international cooperation personnel training, exchanges and cooperation, promote the implementation of major projects related to manufacturing power. Expert analysis, said the cooperation of innovation, finance and integration model has an important pilot demonstration role. "2025 made in China", released in May 2015, is the first ten year program of action for the implementation of the strategy of "manufacturing powerful nation". The implementation of the "made in China 2025" and the construction of a manufacturing power is a major deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on the strategic height of enhancing overall national strength, enhancing international competitiveness and safeguarding national security. The Ministry of industry and information technology is the industry department in charge of China's manufacturing sector. It is also a vice president and member unit of the leading group of manufacturing power construction. China CITIC Group Co., Ltd., business, cross - Finance and manufacturing sectors, with banking, securities, trust, industry funds, and other comprehensive financial platform advantages. China CITIC Group Limited company will give full play to the comprehensive financial platform advantages, for enterprises to provide relevant project loans, syndicated loans, acquisition of loans and other financial services, and to meet the "Chinese specific manufacturing project 2025" requirements of the preferential price in service. According to the agreement with the recent focus on cooperation "task list", Chinese CITIC Group Co. Ltd. will provide financial support for a total of 40 billion yuan of special credit and financing lease amount for the construction of manufacturing power, and actively participate in the "manufacturing innovation center construction" and "strong industrial base", "intelligent manufacturing", "green manufacturing" and "the high-end equipment innovation" 5 project implementation. The Ministry of industry and information technology actively supports China CITIC Group Co., Ltd. to participate in the construction of manufacturing power. "2025 made in China" covers a wide range and needs to mobilize all sectors of society to form a cohesive force. The Ministry of industry and information technology and China CITIC Group Co. Ltd. "China manufacturing 2025" to implement the cooperation, is the embodiment of social resources to participate in the construction of manufacturing power, is implementing the "measures on the financial support of industrial structural adjustment steady growth and increase the efficiency of a number of opinions". Source: People's post and Telecommunications News